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The Impact at the Core research team and education coordinators work on evaluating and monitoring how impact-driven education principles are implemented in educational settings. The data for building the analysis leading to the evaluation reports were collected using surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

The views, observations, and advice highlight learning points on opportunities for enabling the impact capacity of students. Therefore, this summary is not indicative of the content of the courses. Any information or data about course contents should be directed to the responsible course coordinators.

The next step aims to provide recommendations that can be applied to similar educational settings for those education practitioners interested in impact-driven education.

A note for the reader, the learning points summarized by the research team of Impact at the Core and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the rest of the team members and educational partners working on the collaborations with the program.

Sustainability Grand Challenges Course

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Design Atlier

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Technology & Innovation

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Philosophy Internship Pilot

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I DO Internship / I DO Leadership

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