Improved PubMed available

PubMed, the database for biomedical literature, has a new interface, with enhanced search results.

These are the main changes:

  • The new site has a responsive design – the site can be used on any device with the same features and functionality.
  • MeSH, the Medical Subject Headings, is no longer available in the pull-down menu near the search bar. You can still access the MeSH, by using the link in the footer of PubMed.
  • The new Best Match sort order uses advanced machine-learning technology and a new relevance search algorithm.
  • Truncated terms (*) are no longer limited to the first 600 variations of a term.
  • Automatic Term Mapping has been augmented to include additional British and American spellings, singular and plural word forms.

The last two changes can affect the number of search results.

Collections and saved searches in a My NCBI account will continue to work in the new site. Links to the legacy site will be redirected to the new site.

More information can be found in the PubMed User Guide.