The University Library offers various facilities and services for visitors with a functional impairment. In addition, we invite you to make your wishes known, so that we can support you in the best possible way. This can be done at the Library's information desk or via the general online form. It is also possible to make a personal appointment

Floor plan Library 

The Library building is divided into two sides: East and West. It consists of three floors: -1 (street level), 0 (sky bridge level) and +1. You will find a floor plan at the bottom of this page. 

Access to the University Library and elevator  

If you have a motor disability or visual impairment, the entrance at the Institutenlaan is the best access to the Library. From here you have direct access to the elevator. You enter at West -1. To get to the information desk and the self-checkout and return machines at West 0, take the elevator to level 0. 

It is also possible to get to the Library via the corridor from the Theil building. You will then enter at West 0.  

Study spaces 

East is a quiet area. Here you will find quiet study spaces and study cabins to study individually and quietly. In West you can, in addition to studying, also talk and collaborate in a hushed tone. The Library offers study spaces with and without a PC in both East and West. You can reserve a study space with your ERNA account. 

East 0 has two height-adjustable study spaces. These are suitable for students with a wheelchair. You can find these in the reservation system via:  

  • Zone: Silence | Floor 0 | Orange 

  • Category: Study space without PC 

  • numbers 0.151 and 0.152  

If you check Accessible, you'll also find other wheelchair-friendly study spaces.  

Dolphin SuperNova

The Library also has a study space with a PC on which Dolphin Supernova has been installed. If you are visually impaired or if you need adapted reading for other reasons, you can use this spot after registering via your study advisor. Dolphin Supernova offers the following options:

  • Magnify computer screen;
  • Customise contrast with different colour schemes;
  • Adjust the mouse to the desired size and/or colour;
  • Read content of web pages, emails and documents aloud;
  • Braille display support.

Collect and return books 

The height of the self-checkout and return machines and the pick-up shelves to take your requested books from is suitable for wheelchair users.

View study area collection and course literature 

The shelves with the study area collection and the course literature are low. But a number of bookcases of the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet is quite high. Do you have problems handling and consulting books from the shelves? Do you have a problem navigating between study areas in the Library? Ask for assistence at the information desk or send us your request through the general online form. You can also request books from the study area collection in advance via sEURch

Copy facilities 

It is possible to have required material copied for you. Ask at the information desk or send us your request through the online form. If you use the form, state whether you will collect the copies at the information desk or whether the Library will send them to you in digital form. You will pay the normal self-service copying fees. The copied material will be ready for you the next working day. 


There are two wheelchair accessible toilets in the University Library. On West 0 and West +1. 

Studying with a functional impairment at EUR 

The Erasmus University helps students with a functional impairment. For more information, see the website Studying with a functional impairment. Please find more information on the accessibility of the campus on this page.        

Floor plan Library | Floor -1 (street level)

Library floor plan -1

Floor plan Library | Floor 0 (sky bridge level)

Library floor plan 0

Floor plan Library | Floor +1

Library floor plan +1

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