Lean Library redesigned

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The Lean Library browser extension has been redesigned. If you are already using the tool to access publications and databases for which the Library has a license in Google Chrome, no action is required, it will be updated automatically. Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge will follow in the coming weeks.

What has changed?

  • It’s possible to pause the extension, by using the slider at the top of the pop-up.
  • You can more easily set your preferences: which notifications do you want to see? Should the text size in the pop-up be smaller or larger? Click the cog symbol in the pop-up to see and adjust your settings.
  • New is the ‘floating button’: clicking this button will expand or close the extension. This is a useful if you haven’t fixed the extension in your browser’s bookmarks bar. Via the settings you can change the position of this button or disable it.

If you are not using Lean Library yet, you can install it via https://leanlibrary.com/download. You have to select ‘Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)’.

More information

More information on the Lean Library browser extension can be found on our web page.

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