A new guide on Open Science for early-career researchers

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What should I pay attention to when it comes to Open Science? How do I set up my research openly and transparently? Where can I publish? As an early-career researcher you might run into these questions during your research process. The Dutch consortium of University Libraries (UKB) together with the UNL, DANS-KNAW and NWO, has published a guide on Open Science that answers these questions.

This guide is aimed at researchers from all disciplines at Dutch universities and research institutes. It is designed to accompany researchers in every step of their research (preparation; data collection and analysis; writing and publishing; and impact and assessment). Every chapter provides help, tools, links and practices that can be applied immediately.

The practical guide will be useful for anyone looking for practical information about Open Science, but especially for beginning researchers such as PhD candidates and researchers who recently received their PhD.

Of course, the guide is fully open access and available to any researcher and interested party via Zenodo repository. The guide can be found via this link.

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