EUR Research Portal & Pure Repository

On the EUR Research Portal, you will find publications, information on researchers and research units, collaborations, and other research related activities connected to the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC.
All research information on the EUR Research Portal is registered and managed in the Pure Repository.  

EUR Research Portal

Search for publications, researchers and other research related activities

Pure Repository

Register and manage your publications and other research output (EUR/EMC staff only)

What is the Pure Repository?   

The Pure Repository is the research information system of the EUR in which all metadata of research related activities is stored and managed. Pure serves as the Trusted Repository for all publications published by the EUR and will be used for:  

  • The registration and management of publications (including the full text), activities and other recognitions of the EUR and Erasmus MC researchers.  
  • Managing the profile pages of EUR and Erasmus MC researchers and research units, which can be found on the EUR Research Portal. 
  • Periodically reporting on research output for external purposes like the Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP), the Kengetallen Universitair Onderzoek (KUOZ), and internal reporting purposes.  

Pure data automatically added to ORCID record

You can connect your Pure profile to your ORCID record. When you grant permission, new publications in the Pure repository will added automatically to your ORCID record. More information can be found in the EUR ORCID LibGuide

Open Access  

The EUR encourages researchers to make their publications publicly available. The EUR Research Portal makes it possible for publications to be easily accessible and findable for the public. You can register your Open Access publications in the Pure Repository. Please read Open Access Regulation for more information.

Need more information or help?   

If you need more information regarding the EUR Research Portal or Pure repository, our FAQ and manuals will help you on your way. For help or problems please contact your faculty key user.  

Please note: RePub – the former EUR repository - is still accessible for consulting publications but will act as an Internal Knowledge Base. Pure is the new EUR repository. 

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