10 reasons we love Rotterdam

The White House
The White House

Europe’s biggest port is no longer living in anyone’s shadow. Instead, its striking architecture, urban renewal, and the never-ending stream of ideas give this city a constant buzz.

And sure, we could name all the tourist attractions, but you can look those up for yourself. There is much more to Rotterdam than meets the eye:

#1 With 170 different nationalities living peacefully together, Rotterdam proves that the multicultural society is by no means a failure. On the contrary.

#2 ‘Rotterdammers’ actively participate in changing the city by suggesting projects, and the most popular ones get funded. Examples include the wooden pedestrian bridge near Hofplein, or surfing the waves in the inner city (project to be launched in the summer of 2017).

#3 We address problems instead of just talking about them. We have a hands-on mentality.

#4 Big infrastructure projects are delivered on time and under budget, such as the amazing new Central Station.

#5 Things get invented here: like the floating farm: where else can you see cows grazing on the water?

#6 The innovative architecture even before WW2: such as the white house in De Oude Haven; for a long time this was Europe’s tallest building.

#7 It’s an unexpected city, with surprises around every corner: take a walk from the business-like Coolsingel to the Katendrecht area with all its restaurants and theatres.

#8 There is art everywhere, no need to go to a museum: Rodin, Picasso, and the highly-discussed work of art ‘Buttplug gnome’.

#9 ‘Rotterdammers’ are upfront so you know where you stand: better getting hurt by the truth than comforted by the lie.

#10 In many ways the city is a role model; things are invented in Rotterdam and implemented in other cities.

In Rotterdam, home of Erasmus University, the sky is the limit. Make it happen!

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