25 October: symposium 'The appeal of tragedy' and inaugural address Kees Ribbens

Prof.dr. Kees Ribbens is the chair of Popular Historical Culture and War, at the Center for Historical Culture. He will deliver his inaugural address on October 25, 16:00 hours.
Previous to his address an international symposium at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication takes place, commemorating the completion of Loe de Jong's magnum opus on the history of The Netherlands during World War II: The appeal of tragedy. Popularizing war and dark issues, 25 years after Loe de Jong.

Speakers: prof. dr. Bruno De Wever (University Gent), dr. Eva Kingsepp (Stockholm University), prof. dr. Peter Romijn (NIOD/UvA), prof. dr. Maria Grever (EUR), prof. dr. Hein Klemann (EUR), Maloe Sniekers MA (EUR) and prof.dr. Kees Ribbens.

Please view the program and register here.

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