3 Erasmus School of Economics Alumni in Top 100 Young Millionaires

Alumni Sjoerd Rietberg, Sebastiaan Koeling and Stijn Koster have earned themselves a place in the Top 100 Young Millionaires. After studying at Erasmus School of Economics, they pursued their passion and started their own business that are now being valued millions of euros. 

Sjoerd Rietberg (36), graduated with a Master in Finance in 2002, earned himself a spot in the Top 5, as Chief Executive of financial trader, Flow Traders, worth 48 million euros.

Sebastiaan Koeling (37), also graduated with a Master in Finance in 2003, amassed his wealth working as a financial trader at Optiver, reaching the 58th place with a wealth of 10 million euros.

Stijn Koster (32), studied Economics and Informatics and started his entrepreneurial career in 2004 by renting out game servers. This has grown out to be an Internet Empire, consisting of data centres (SmartDC), service websites or domain names (i3D), software for computer game developers that help to prevent fraud (Gameblocks). This empire has earned him around 22 million euros.


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