5 Feb | CHC Research Group with Stephanie Benzaquen

On February 5, we will discuss Stephanie Benzaquen's paper 'A visual history of Khmer Rouge atrocities: presentation of the research'. Dr. John Kleinen (UvA) will comment on the paper.

A visual history of Khmer Rouge atrocities: images and transnational dynamics of memory of Democratic Kampuchea 

The first part of the paper focuses on the introduction chapter of my dissertation, “A visual history of Khmer Rouge atrocities.” I will give an outline of the chapters and discuss conceptual and methodological issues. Next, I will focus on one of the empirical chapters, “Humanitarian crisis in the time of the Cold War: John Pilger’s Year Zero (1979).” It deals with the documentary film made by Australian journalist John Pilger and his British television crew in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia, Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia. The main issues to be discussed are the reconstruction of the context in which Pilger’s movie was produced and shot at the time, and the present-day re-interpretation of Year Zero in YouTube environment.

Date: February 5
Time: 15:00-17:00hrs
Venue: M7-39

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