5 June Master Class Russell Shorto: Urban History, Public History

On June 5 the famous writer, journalist and historian Russell Shorto will hold the annual honorary Mandeville Lecture in recognition of his contributions to cultural relations between the Netherlands and the U.S., and the fresh perspective his books bring to Dutch historiography.

Prior to the lecture, which starts at 16h00, a special master class is organised with Russel Shorto. 35 students from the humanities - PhD students, Research MA students, MA students and a few BA students can attend the master class, which will focus on: 1. Urban History, based on Shorto's book The Island with narratives about Dutch entrepreneurs in New Amsterdam, the emerging economies of the Dutch Republic and England, and the Dutch approach to water management; 2. Public History with reflections on the narrative demands of public history books and the reception in both academic history and the mass media.

For more information on the master class and for application, please seeĀ this document.

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