7 Heat wave hotspots in Rotterdam

Temperatures today are rising to a boiling 28 degrees Celsius. And if we are to believe the weather forecast, the next days are going be tropical too. This is how to survive the heat wave.

Take a walk in the park
Kralingse bos: The biggest city park in Rotterdam – and pretty close to the university. It boasts a gorgeous lake, and was awarded the title Best Public Space in the Netherlands (2007). Lie down on the grass in the shade, and watch the clouds drift by. Or walk the paths and spot several species of birds among the trees.


Schoonoord: A green jewel at the edge of The Park is Schoonoord. A historical, picturesque garden where you can spot chickens, fountains, and even a kingfisher that lives in one of the trees.


Go to the beach
Hoek van Holland: Our nearest beach, Hoek van Holland, is popular with both sunbathers and swimmers. And it’s only half an hour away from Rotterdam Central Station.


Dip in the pool: Van Maanenbad was built in 1937 and has some great architecture. But their main asset is the water of course. Take a dip to escape the heat.


Just chill
Some of the best places in Rotterdam to hang around and enjoy the summer:


Ala-plancha: A great pop-up fish restaurant near the ‘old’ Willemsbrug.


Belgian Beer Cafe Boudewijn: It’s a real gem, this hidden garden of Boudwijn. Only open in summer.


Biergarten Rotterdam: Why is a beer garden called a beer garden? Find the answer on Wikipedia. Then take your friends to Biergarten Rotterdam and ask them the same question. Biergarten is a bit of paradise in the big city. The sun marks the spot, they say.


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