‘Adding positivity about AI is much more important than adding fears and negativity’

Refik Anadol shows his art
Refik Anadol talks about his AI art
Refik Anadol talks about his AI art
Alexander Santos Lima

Refik Anadol's interactive artwork during the Opening Academic Year 2022-2023 was a highlight for many visitors. We asked Refik how he creates 'positive societal impact' and what message he has for our students.

"I think it's incredibly inspiring because in my practice I do something similar," he said about Erasmus University Rotterdam's mission: 'creating positive societal impact'. "Through my art, I believe that for anyone with a different background, adding positivity, optimism, inspiration and motivation is much more important than fears and negativity right now. Especially for AI."

Refik Anadol is a world-leading artist and designer who creates digital dream-like environments with data-driven machine learning, breaking the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. During the Opening Academic Year 2022-2023, he displayed such an environment in the Aula of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Art creates deeper questions and new values about AI

About the value of art in research on Artificial Intelligence, he says: "Art is the ethical way of AI, with which we create deeper questions and new values. Also, art comes from imagination. This means it collects dreams and memories. The questions that come from art, are much more from the heart of society than just statistically or mathematically. Arts to me is humanities soul and connecting it to the mind is our practice."

"AI help students to make their dreams a reality," he says in conclusion. "If they can define their success naratives around these powerful tools, it can help them realise their dreams."

Watch the whole interview with Refik Anadol

Interview with Refik Anadol about the positive impact of Art and AI

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