Advance warning power switch-off north side campus

At the end of June and mid July, the power supply in the Tinbergen building will be relocated.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is planning a total refurbishment of Tinbergen Building in the near future. Several other buildings or units on campus are connected to the central power supply in Tinbergen Building.

New location current distributors

Prior to the refurbishment, the main current distributors in Tinbergen will be relocated. This will allow asbestos removal work to be carried out in the underlying crawl space/basement. In addition, three old transformers will be replaced.

Do you need a constant power supply?

In order to carry out this work, the mains supplies in all the mentioned below buildings will have to be switched off at least twice. For that reason, we would like to get in touch with all members of staff who use equipment at their workplace which need a constant power supply. Send an email to


The central power distribution installation in Tinbergen Building consists of the main current distributors which are powered by four transformers which are also located in Tinbergen. These current distributors provide power to all buildings to the north of the multi-storey car park, see figure 3.1. This concerns buildings A, B, C, E, F/G, H, N, P, Q, S and X.


The preparatory work for the relocation of the power supply is already in full swing. The actual moment when the main distributors will be moved from the old to the new location is planned over a weekend, at the end of June and mid July 2018.

More information

For more information, you can send an e-mail to

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