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Erasmus School of Economics

This message is for bachelor-3, bachelor-3&4 BSc2 and pre-master AAC students. The application period for the bachelor seminars has started. The application period ends by 21 January 2018.

Application for Bachelor Seminars
You can use the digital application form to register for a bachelor seminar. You can indicate your first and, if possible, second and third choice. If your major only holds one seminar, only indicate this seminar on the application form.

Admission requirements
You can find the admission requirements for bachelor seminars via the link at the bottom of this message. Students who do not yet, but almost, meet the requirements can upload a request for dispensation from the entrance requirements. Describe in your request clearly why you do not meet the requirements and why you think you should be admitted to the seminar anyway. Please note that sending in a request for dispensation does not imply admittance; each request will be evaluated by the Examination Board.

Processing applications and placement
The Examination Board evaluates all requests for admission, including requests for dispensation. The names of the students who meet the requirements are passed on to the department that offers the seminar in question. The departments will take care of the placement in the seminars and groups and will inform the students. Students who are not admitted to a seminar will receive a letter of the Examination Board. Please be informed that the Examination Board uses standard messages in order to keep processing time as short as possible.

Apply here
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Please read the information about the regulations and the registration procedure for bachelor seminars carefully. In case you have any questions, you can contact the Information Desk: