Award giving during Christmas reception Erasmus School of Economics

During a special awards presentation ceremony as part of the Christmas reception on Tuesday 13 December 2016, the management team of Erasmus School of Economics expressed its appreciation towards several faculty members by rewarding the following persons as Top Researcher for their research performance: Sjoerd van Bekkum, Stefan Obernberger, Vijay Hariharan, Michel van der Wel, Dana Sisak and Jolanda Hessels. In the field of education awards were given to Gertjan van de Burg, Han Smit, Anne Gielen, Paul Bouman and Theresa Bago d'Uva, who all distinguished themselves as Top Lecturer.

This years’ Societal Impact award was granted to Robert Dur who conducted a natural field experiment in close cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam. In a randomly assigned part of a residential area, the frequency of cleaning was drastically reduced during a three-month period. He found evidence that some people start to clean up after themselves when public cleaning services were diminished. However, the tendency to litter more dominated. He also found that these responses continued to exist for some time after the treatment.

Senior policy advisor Wietske Rowaan won the Support award. Wietske started her career at Erasmus School of Economics in 2007 as a study advisor. In the following years she worked her way up to becoming junior policy advisor education in 2010 and later senior policy advisor (after the passing of colleague Wouter van den Brink). She has done an excellent job coordinating the re-accreditation of the Bachelor and Master programmes, distinguishing herself by delivering high quality work.

Last but not least, the Dean’s award was presented to FAECTOR, the Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research, for their outstanding contributions in the last 50 years. FACTOR has always striven to fulfill their ambition by organising a diverse portfolio of projects and events available to students of Econometrics in the Netherlands. This has not been without success: since their foundation in 1966 they have been an ever growing association, with more members and projects every year. Currently it is the largest and most prestigious association for Econometrics students worldwide.

Architect cepezed presented the plans about the renovation of the Tinbergen building. The presentation can be found by clicking on the following link:

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