The best neighbourhoods to live in Rotterdam

Looking for a place to live in Rotterdam, and overwhelmed by the different areas to choose from? DutchReview made the job easier with a list of some of the best neighbourhoods. And Kralingen – well known to EUR students – is one of them!

  • West: In the process of improving neighbourhoods without pushing old residents out, it seems that Rotterdam has succeeded. At least in West many streets are indeed holding on to their identity. This area is also right on the edge of the city centre, so it only takes a few minutes to dive right into the buzz of things.
  • North: An up-and-coming neighbourhood, there are always some new bars, stores, and initiatives to discover here. Located close to the train station, North might very well be the answer to the question of where to live in Rotterdam.
  • Kralingen: With a park and a lake, expensive houses, and a lot of university students, this area is in high demand. And in terms of location there isn’t a much better place.
  • Centre: This area between Central Station and Blaak is dotted with bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and stores. It’s undoubtedly also the priciest region in the city, but living here is the perfect way to experience the city.
  • Noordereiland: As an island between the centre and the south, this neighbourhood contains a lot of pre-war structures. Pleasant views of Rotterdam, and even though there’s not that much to do (not yet anyway), you’re in the city centre before you know it.
  • South: Unfortunately its reputation isn’t the best. But things are changing, as this area is rapidly evolving from an old harbour into a gentrified paradise. South has plenty of affordable housing and a significant amount of hidden jewels worth visiting.

For more neighbourhoods, details and notable locations within each area check out DutchReview. They also offer some advice on where to check out housing if you’re in a hurry.

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