Blog post Diana - Fairyland

If you would know my hometown, your heart will still be there too. Let me introduce you to my fairytale hometown: Brasov, Romania

Brasov is a nice city up in the mountains in the Transylvanian region, only a few kilometers away from the well-known Dracula’s Castle! The reasons why it is so nice, are the mountains and the landscape that makes you feel like you are forever in a holiday.

Adding up to the landscape and Dracula, my city also includes a ski-resort only 8km away from the city center! To add up to the perfect recipe that I am creating here, Romania is a very cheap country too with incredible food and friendly people.

Imagine 3 people eating out in a semi-luxurious restaurant up in the mountains and paying 30 euros in total! If you did not stop half-way to book your tickets already, maybe these pictures will help you seal the deal!

See you in Brasov!