Brigitte Hoogendoorn wins Comenius Senior Fellowship 2020

Erasmus School of Economics

Brigitte Hoogendoorn, Assistant Professor in Applied Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, wins the 2020 Comenius Senior Fellowship for education innovation for her project called ‘Learning Menu’. This project aims to differentiate small-scaled education in the Dutch and international Bachelor programmes Economics and Business Economics.

About the Comenius programme

The Comenius programme enables professionals in higher education to express their views on putting (innovative) education into practice. To win one of the fellowships, the project is assessed based on multiple criteria: its innovative character, the expected outcome, the quality of the project and the research plan, the benefits for the teaching community and the applicant’s teaching experience and finally, the vision of the applicant.

About Brigitte Hoogendoorn

Brigitte Hoogendoorn (1972) graduated in economics at Erasmus School of Economics in 1996. She started her professional career as a consultant and trainer in the field of change management at the Dutch consultancy firm Pentascope. In September 2008 she joined the Department of Applied Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. Her research interests are in the field of entrepreneurship, senior entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Currently, she is Assistant Professor of entrepreneurship at the same and programme manager of the Bachelor programme Economics & Business Economics and coordinator of the Erasmus School of Economics Bachelor Honours Class.

Brigitte Hoogendoorn, Assistant Professor in Applied Economics