Call research Organisations in a Smart City

The KnowledgeWorkPlace Organisation in a Smart City (hereinafter: KWP-OSS) conducts research aimed at finding solutions for the smart organisation of metropolitan issues. This includes issues of smart governance in particular, but also the digitisation and flexibilisation of governments and organisations in general.

What is this for?

The primary goal of the practice-based research funded by KWP-OSS is to find answers to practical issues, and thus contribute to the renewal and improvement of metropolitan issues on the above-mentioned themes. An important feature of the practice-based research is the intensive collaboration between researchers and practitioners throughout the entire program. This starts with the formulation of the research question and continues through to the implementation and further dissemination of the research results. The research projects funded by the KWP-OSS form relevant input for professionals in the public sector and related organisations. The insights resulting from the research are publicly shared on the KWP-OSS website.

Who is this for?

In this call, researchers active at knowledge institutions within the Rotterdam region or Master students can apply for financial support (max. 5,000 euros) for practice-based research that builds on the above-mentioned themes of the KWP.

What do you apply for?

The available budget for this call is 15,000 euros. This budget will be divided over three research projects of max. 5,000 euros per project.

When can I apply?

The closing date for the submission of detailed applications is 16 November 2020 at 17:00 CE(S)T.

Evaluation Criteria:

The detailed applications must be consistent with the description of applied research as described in the call, and the content of the applications will be assessed on the basis of the main criteria set out below:

  1. Practical relevance of the research envisioned (40%)
  2. Scientific criteria of the research envisioned (40%)
  3. Quality of the researcher and/or the research institute (20%)

All the main criteria must at least have a 'good' qualification in order to qualify for an award. For a further explanation, see the application form accompanying this call (in Dutch).


About the KnowledgeWorkplace Organisation in a Smart City

Organising the KnowledgeWorkplace in a Smart City is an initiative of the City of Rotterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Together with private and public partners, we are working on solutions for the smart organisation of metropolitan issues. These include organisational issues such as smarter networks, artificial intelligence, sustainability, safety, and welfare.


dr. Wido Oerlemans


Britt Boeddha van Dongen

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