Can we stay young forever? Erasmus researchers explain

It doesn’t just slow down aging, but turns back time

It was a spectacular discovery by Erasmus MC researchers that stunned the world: there’s a way to turn back ageing. The researchers found out that by giving old mice a certain substance, the mice became fitter and more alert, their coat of fur became fuller again, and their organ function improved. The scientists will tell you all about their discovery at the monthly talk show Studio Erasmus on 9 May.

The researchers published their discovery in the leading scientific journal Cell in March, immediately attracting attention from all over the world. They had developed a substance that doesn’t just slow down ageing, but turns back time. This discovery could help in further studies on healthy ageing and how people can become healthier once they have ailments. Furthermore, it appears to work well for certain end-stage cancers and helps in the search for treatments for these cancers.   

The substance has only been tested on mice, but the researchers would like to start clinical trials. ‘We do not seek eternal life, but a longer life without ailments and in excellent health would be great.’

Come Learn More!

Want to learn more about this amazing discovery? Researchers Peter de Keizer and Marjolein Baar (Erasmus MC) will tell you all about it on the 9th of May in de Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

But that’s not all Studio Erasmus has to offer. Researcher Marienke van Middelkoop (EMC) will talk about how we can run without pain or injuries, historian Hans Koole will give a mini-lecture about fifty years of Rotterdam & Feyenoord, and IBCOM-student Job Zomerplaag traced the history of Desiderius Erasmus 550 years after his birth.

For more on this edition of Studio Erasmus, click here.


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Tuesday 9 May 2017 | 20.30 – 21.45 live music starts at around 20.00) | Foyer Rotterdamse Schouwburg| Free entry, reserve your place at

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