Changes in the Regulations 2017-2018

A few amendments have been made to the Teaching and Examination Regulations 2017-2018 and the Rules and Regulations 2017-2018, compared to last year. Read the full article for an overview of all the changes.

The changes in the Teaching and Examination Regulations 2017-2018 as well as in the Rules and Regulations 2017-2018 are underlined.

TER Bachelor (+ Master)

Article 8 - Evaluation of education

  1. The Programme Director is responsible for ensuring the evaluation of education.
  2. Education is evaluated as follows:
    • course evaluation - at the end of each education period students are asked to complete questionnaires on the courses followed during that period;
    • thesis and curriculum evaluation - upon completing their thesis students are asked to complete a questionnaire in the Thesis Workflow on the thesis supervision and the education programme followed.
  3. The Programme Director informs the School Council and the Programme Committees of the outcomes of the evaluation, the amendments made as a result of this and the effect of the actual amendments. The School Council and the Programme Committees will handle information regarding performance of individual lecturers confidentially.

Article 10 - Composition of the exam

Subsection 4

If education units have a Dutch and an English version, both versions must have a similar type of education, identical forms of examination and identical examination assignments.

Article 15 - Form of the examinations

Subsection 14

Students with a disability or chronic illness are offered the opportunity to adapt their studies, as far as reasonably possible, to the restrictions determined by the disability or chronic illness. These adaptations will be aligned as far as possible to the individual functional impairment of the student, but may not change the learning objectives of an education unit or the intended learning outcomes of a programme (see article 3 of these regulations).

Students may request an adjustment of an education unit or the exam of a programme, accompanied by a declaration of a competent authority, to the Examination Board.

Article 30 - Mr.drs.-programme

Subsection 1

In cooperation with the Erasmus School of Law of the Erasmus University the school has set up a Mr.Drs. programme for economics and law. This is a study path with which students with an average pre-university final examination grade of at least 7.0 can complete both a bachelor's and master’s programme in economics and a bachelor's and master’s programme in law in six years.

Economics and Business Economics resp. IBEB students may combine their programme with a Dutch Law or Fiscal Law programme, Economics and Taxation students may combine their programme only with a Dutch Law programme.

Rules and Regulations Examination Board

Article 11 - Provisions concerning entering and leaving the room where a written examination is held

Subsection 3

Students with a campus ban of the Executive Board are not allowed to participate in the examinations and tests of the EUR during the relevant period.

Article 12 - Specific provisions on the order during examinations

Subsection 5

One cold snack and one bottle/can of drink are allowed, but consuming it must not in any way cause nuisance, at the discretion of the chief supervisor. Alcohol and drugs are forbidden.

More information

For more information, please consult the secretaries of the Examination Board: Kimberley Goudzwaard-Noot or Victor Beerkens via

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