Climate smart agriculture?

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A manifestation for corporate social responsibility or a manifesto for grassroots led change?

'Climate smart agriculture' has become the buzz phrase at high level international policy discussions. But now there is a struggle over its definition.

Is it the latest manifestation for corporate social responsibility or the title of a manifesto for real, grassroots led, change. This is the question asked by ISS PhD researcher Zoe Brent and her co-authors, Peter Newell (University of Sussex), Jennifer Clapp (University of Waterloo) in a piece published in The Ecologist

The Ecologist piece is in turn based on the a larger collection edited by Newell, Clapp and Brent published as a Forum on Climate Smart Agriculture in Journal of Peasant Studies, vol. 45, issue no. 1, January 2018 - which is open access - with contributions from various authors.

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Zoe Brent is an ISS PhD researcher with the Political Ecology research group, and a researcher at the Agrarian & Environmental Justice Program of the Transnational Institute (TNI).