'Collapsing Prospects: Palestinians in Area C, West Bank'

Resport by team of experts to Dutch Parliament

The multidisciplinary team, of which ISS Associate Professor Dubravka Zarkov and Senior Lecturer Racher Kurian were members, visited the West Bank to asses the human security and sustainable development situation of Palestinian communities in Area C and to subsequently offer Dutch policy makers recommendations for specific engagements.

The team focused on three themes:

  • the rule of law, human rights and violence;
  • access to natural resources, in particular water and
  • demolition and building policies and practices.


The team came to two main conclusions:

  1. The systematic institutional oppression and discrimination of the Palestinians in Area C have increased exponentially since the signing of the Oslo Accords, while human security and the prospects for growth and economic development have deteriorated dramatically.
  2. Such circumstances are neither sustainable nor tenable even in the short-run, and that they pose a serious and immanent threat to any
    possible just solution to the conflict.

The team's report, 'Collapsing Prospects: Palestinians in Area C, West Bank', includes it's findings and a number of recommendations to the Dutch government and Parliament.

You can read the full report by clicking on the link below.