Donald Trump isn’t Crazy

Interactive and theatrical ‘election night’ by America analysts Maarten Kolsloot and Victor Vlam.

Will Trump be elected again as president of the USA or will the people choose Joe Biden? Maarten Kolsloot and Victor Vlam highlight American campaigns of the past and present. Suspense, intrigues, serious talks, hilarious videos... this truly is an interactive performance. Maarten Kolsloot and Victor Vlam are well-known analysts of the American media. They wrote the book Donald Trump is niet gek (Donald Trump isn’t Crazy). Both worked for American politicians like senator Chris Dodd and Barack Obama.

What can you expect?

  • Name your favorite sweets and Maarten and Victor will tell you who you vote for
  • Write the ideal campaign speech together this evening! Yes, you can!
  • How to predict the winner of the exciting election campaign in three steps (hint: look beyond the polls)
  • Play the Great Trump Test to determine who is most like Trump

Donald Trump Isn't Crazy

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