Dr. Amanda P. Alencar interviewed by EURAXESS Links Brazil

Recently, Dr. Amanda P. Alencar gave an interview to EURAXESS Links Brazil, a platform launched by the European Commission aimed at promoting the mobility of researchers and knowledge exchange between European and Brazilian researchers.

Dr. Paz Alencar was granted a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (Intra-European Mobility Programme) within the Seventh Framework Programme to conduct a research project on the relationship between media and immigration at the University of Amsterdam for a period of two years (June 2013-2015). She speaks about the benefits of the mobility to boost her early research career and mobility within the Member States. She also gives some tips for prospective MSCA candidates:

 “It is important that you establish contact with the potential scientist in charge of your research project as soon as you decide to engage in this academic opportunity. I would say at least 6 months before the project submission deadline. Your research contact point will assist you with the development of the several stages involved in the research proposal writing and eventually, in its acceptance in the department/faculty you intend to execute it.”

Dr. Paz Alencar points out that the first phase requires a lot of energy and ability to make crucial decisions on the refinement of the research topic and contributions of the selected research institution and industry sector that will be collaborating with the project. As for the writing phase, she says 3-4 months are necessary to develop a good proposal and having a qualitative feedback from the potential scientist in charge of your project as well as research colleagues who volunteer to analyze your grant proposal.

The full interview can be found here.