Dr. Janelle Ward's research in Volkskrant column: “The Perfect…Tinder Profile”

On Saturday, 13 February, the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant published a feature on Dr. Janelle Ward's research on Tinder profiles in a column called “The Perfect…Tinder Profile” 

In the article, dr. Ward explains how Tinder works and how it is different from both conventional datingsites as well as the real world. On conventional datingsites, profiles contain extensive information, whereas Tinder profiles are mainly focused on photos and a limited amount of profile text. As opposed to real life dating, Tinder also limits the amount of cues that can be picked up, while normally in face-to-face encounters a person communicates partly with body language.

While dr. Ward optimistically thought that the app would bring together people from all kinds of different backgrounds, worldviews and environments, her research actually shows that people on Tinder look for matches with people who seem to be much like them.

Click here to read the article online on volkskrant.nl, or here to read it on Blendle.

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