Econometrics student representatives 2016 - 2017

The Econometrics Education Committee proudly presents this year´s student representatives! Read further to get to know the students that will occupy the position of student representative in block 2.

Bachelor 1

EOR: Ibtissam Abnay and Daniel Allick
IBEOR: Bob van de Mortel and Seungwon Kim

Bachelor 2

EOR: Sarah de Koff, Wouter van Goudoever and Eveline van Dijck (premaster student)
IBEOR Marie-Sophie Grafitaux, Elena Stan and Staisy Kaptusarova

Bachelor 3

There are no representatives. However, the student members of the education committee will deal with any comments or questions you might have. They will receive e-mails to the above address.


  • Logistics: Bianca Doodeman
  • Finance: Rosan Janssen
  • Marketing: Merlijn van Breugel

If you have any feedback on your program, please do not hesitate to contact one of the concerning representatives!