EFR Business Week 2017 – Play to win

Starting the end of January, the campus of Erasmus University revolves around the Erasmus Recruitment Days. This is the largest university recruitment event of Europe. This year, about 2500 students will use this event to meet companies.

In February, the promotion period of the EFR Business Week will start. This year the 33st EFR Business Week will take place, with the theme: “Play to win”. This means that the events of the Business Week will be about defining what winning means and how to get there. Keep track of the Business Week website for more information about participating companies and inspiring speakers.

The EFR Master Committee is proud to announce a ‘Job preparation boot camp’ on 19 January for a group of 40 master students. This day will consist of information sessions that cover essentials such as the art of creating winning CVs and methods on handling online assessment tests. In addition, recruiters from ABN-AMRO will deliver a session on the power of LinkedIn presence alongside valuable information on cover letter writing and interview skills. The day will conclude with a professional LinkedIn photoshoot and drinks. Don’t forget to sign up now.

EFR – Meet Your Ambition!

For questions, comments, recommendations or more information, please mail to info@efr.nl.

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