EFS seminar - BEPS and Transfer pricing but what about VAT and Customs?

On Wednesday 3 February Erasmus Fiscal Studies (EFS), organizes the seminar “BEPS and Transfer pricing but what about VAT and Customs?” This EFS-seminar is devoted to perhaps one of the most intriguing topics in both direct and indirect taxation and customs today: BEPS and transfer pricing. 

Today, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and transfer pricing issues not only are discussed by tax lawyers and tax consultants. These are heavily discussed in company boardrooms and political arenas as well. Indeed, the taxation of multinational companies, BEPS and tax base division included, is a sternly debated phenomenon throughout society. This renders BEPS concerns, particularly those relating to tax base division by reference to the at arm’s length principle, to be of pivotal relevance in contemporary international taxation.

EFS lines up Dutch expert tax practitioners and scholars to address those issues involving BEPS and the arm’s length pricing of inter-affiliate transactions in relation to Corporate Income Tax and VAT and customs duties. Both theoretical and practical implications and consequences in these areas are elaborated upon and comprehensively dealt with. Contrary to direct taxation BEPS impacts on VAT and Customs have not yet been discussed extensively. With this seminar EFS seeks to contribute to discussions on these matters and to fill some voids.

The seminar is free of charge, and aims to attract tax practitioners and academics both from the Netherlands and abroad, having backgrounds in tax consultancy and practice, government, tax and customs administrations, international organisations, industry and the scholarly world. The seminar furthermore concludes EFS’s annual Post-Master courses in Customs and Indirect taxation. (3 PE points.)

We look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 3 February, 2016!