Endowed professor of chronobiology & health Bert van der Horst: "Your biological clock is of vital importance"

Our biological clock has far more of an impact on our health than we expect it to. Bert van der Horst, endowed professor of chronobiology & health, has dedicated his life to researching exactly this.

"A lot of people in our society don’t live in accordance with their biological clock, and the consequences are many. As such we’ve found that for example mice, when exposed to jet lag, run a higher risk of developing breast cancer. We also know now that working night shifts can have negative consequences for one’s health: a higher risk of type-two diabetes, and a higher risk of obesity. The Volve Ocean Race was a perfect case study through which to look into what extreme conditions – as well as a shortage of sleep – can do to a body."

Read the full interview with ea. magazine.

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