Erasmus Charity Run: running for a good cause

More than 500 students, staff and alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam will be collecting money for the Erasmus Education Fund during the Rotterdam Marathon. They are the biggest team taking part in this running event. The Erasmus Education Fund awards scholarships to talented underprivileged students. Participants in the Erasmus Charity Run are sponsored for about 15,000 euros.

Every year, students, staff and alumni from Erasmus University form one big team and take part in the quarter marathon (10.5 km) or the entire Rotterdam Marathon. The university has a team of almost 530 runners this year, which is the biggest team to participate in the event. Thirty team members will be running the entire marathon and 500 the quarter marathon.

Besides the fun of taking part and running in the event, the team’s joint aim is to collect as much money as possible for the Erasmus Education Fund. This fund awards scholarships to talented underprivileged  students to give the chance to make their dreams come true at Erasmus University.

This is why the Erasmus Charity Run centres on the theme ‘Make it happen’, a slogan shared by Erasmus University, the Municipality of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam Authority and Rotterdam Partners. This slogan is printed on the shirts worn by the team during the run.

During the past months, the participants were able to train under professional supervision from the university. There is a separate competition in the Erasmus Charity Run as well: runners and teams can win prizes in various categories. The runners will assemble at Erasmus University College in the city centre on the morning of Sunday 10 April, where they will be addressed by successful businessman Michiel Muller. He is president of the Erasmus Trust Fund and a former student at Erasmus University.

The Erasmus Charity Run not only means that Erasmus University can collect money for a good cause. It also actively encourages students and staff to practise a sport, while an international group of student volunteers help out with the organisation of the Rotterdam Marathon every year. This year’s team will comprise 60 people.

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