Erasmus MC ‘Roof Hero’ 2017

Artists impression EMC

What’s the best roof in town? According to the Rotterdam Roof Days festival the one of Erasmus MC. For its large roof gardens in the making, it received the Roof Hero Award 2017.

Research has shown that a green environment or view stimulates a patient’s recovery. That effect will be studied further in 2018, when the Erasmus MC gardens are completed. Besides being a scientific ‘laboratory’, the gardens, accessible to not only patients but also employees and visitors, can process excessive rain and mitigate heat.

Roof landscaping
The organisation of the Rotterdam Roof Days believes this initiative ‘opens people’s eyes to the potential qualities of using the roof landscape’. The Roof Hero Award is given each year to the most innovative, surprising and sustainable contribution to the development of the roof landscape in the Netherlands.

Garden in bloom
The Vriendenfonds of Erasmus MC is currently collecting money to make the roof gardens a reality. Development director Margot Bleeker said: ‘It is unbelievable how positive people are about the gardens. They’re quite bare now, but if we can make this campaign successful, next year they’ll be stunning. We are very grateful to our donors.’


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