Erasmus School of Law focuses on enhancing its profile with the appointment of Professor Philip Hans Franses

Erasmus School of Economics

Erasmus School of Law has appointed Professor Philip Hans Franses as a part-time professor. With this appointment, the faculty is strengthening its economic and business orientated profile and its partnership with Erasmus School of Economics.

Franses is Professor of Applied Econometrics and Marketing Research at Erasmus School of Economics. He was also Dean from 2006 to 2019. Philip Hans Franses is a leading national and international econometrician and has been a member of KNAW since 2011. He has received numerous scientific acknowledgements and awards, including an Honorary Doctorate from Chiang Mai University in Thailand. His scientific work is multifaceted and often originates from the objective of answering practical societal questions.


With the arrival of Franses, Erasmus School of Law aims to further enhance the connection between legal and economic insights and methods. Echoing the United States, the discipline of law and economics becomes more prominent within legal research and academic education in Europe. An example is the prediction of the effects of new legal regulations on society using methods from economics. Another example is research into the regulatory effect of market instruments and societal movements. More generally, contributions from economics lead to new insights and their application on legal, economic and societal issues. For Erasmus School of Law, which studies law in a social-economic and business-oriented context, Philip Hans Franses’ contribution provides a further boost to its profile.

Successful partnership

Erasmus School of Law and Erasmus School of Economics are cooperating successfully for some time. Examples include the dual master programme in Law and Economics, the Erasmus Centre for Economic and Financial Governance, the top international Law and Economics master and the European Doctorate programme on Law and Economics.

The Law and Economics education and research at Erasmus School of Law enjoys an outstanding international reputation. As leading econometrist, Philip Hans Franses can fulfil a role in the new faculty research priority Empirical Legal Studies, which studies such things as the performance of legislation and regulations and legal practice. In more concrete terms: how law influences societal prosperity and efficiency. The research is mostly driven by social sciences (human behaviour), but also uses quantitative methods.

More information

More information is available from Barry Mulder via or telephone number +31 (0)10 408 9758.