Erasmus School of Law participates in new Private Law Consortium

Seven leading international law schools have recently established The Private Law Consortium. The primary goal of this academic cooperation is to produce high-quality scholarship by facilitating the exchange of ideas and criticisms in the area of private law.

The Private Law Consortium constitutes an annual meeting, bringing together scholars from the seven participating law schools. These schools include Bar-Ilan Law Faculty, Durham Law School, Erasmus School of Law, National University of Singapore Law School, Penn Law School, Vanderbilt Law School and Trento Law School.

Next to the primary goal of producing high-quality scholarship, the consortium aims to create and maintain a scholarly community committed to the study of private law and to strengthen the ties between the member schools.

Ambitions and commitments

The consortium supports investigation of all areas of private law, including its traditional main categories of property, contracts, torts, and unjust enrichment, as well as other related topics such as intellectual property, commercial litigation, trusts, and remedies. It will also consider related topics such as private ordering and private norm-making. The consortium aims to further the study of these fields and of private law as a whole. It also encourages comparative and interdisciplinary work as well as cut-edge analytical methods as empirical and experimental Law and economics.

The consortium also commits itself to holding a yearly two-day meeting in the early summer (May-June). Next to this, each member school will host one annual meeting for the consortium partners.