Erasmus University at IFFR 2015

Several scientists of Erasmus University Rotterdam will perform at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), which starts on Wednesday 21 January 2015. Erasmus University has been a partner of this international festival since 2013. The university will host a special programme during the festival. 

Two programmes of Erasmus University at IFFR are in English: on Thursday 28 January, before the film ‘Girlhood’, criminologist Robby Roks talks about his research into the Crips gang in The Hague. What’s it like to be in a gang? Is there a gang culture in the Netherlands? And how does it affect your identity if you become a member at a young age? Also in English: the Film Quiz on Monday 26 January.


Studio Erasmus
On Wednesday 27 January, the talkshow Studio Erasmus (in Dutch) will be focusing on film. This special IFFR edition includes:

• Why do democrats prefer drama? – Marketing researcher Jason Roos talks about the relationship between political preference and box office success (in English)
• What does the ideal death look like? – Inez de Beaufort (professor of medical ethics) and Gert-Jan Kleinrensink (professor of anatomy) present an ode to the best death scenes (and show how not to do it)
• Why doesn’t the Netherlands produce any science fiction? – Etienne Augé talks about ‘what if’ scenarios as a condition for progress
• Is Rotterdam difficult to film? – Urban historian Paul van de Laar about the working city on screen 
• An interview with retiring festival director Rutger Wolfson.

Furthermore, the best film music performed live by Pip Alblas (law student and ‘Voice of Holland’ candidate).

More details on the site of SG Erasmus and IFFR

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