Erasmus University Rotterdam: a place for everyone

As of this week EUR is a member of Workplace Pride
Katarina Putnik

This week, our rector Annelien Bredenoord signed the cooperation agreement with Workplace Pride. An international platform that supports and promotes the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ at work. "I put strong value on creating a sense of belonging among all our students and employees. My strive is that all of us can fully be ourselves and be accepted and appreciated for who we are."

Workplace Pride will support us with networking activities, resources and knowledge sharing and will be a valuable partner in our work. There are various communities that our students and employees can join, such as for example Academic community, Young community, Women community, etc. More information about these communities will follow shortly on MyEUR and the information will be shared via HR newsletter. We look forward to working together with Workplace Pride and other member organizations, as well as Erasmus Pride and Student Pride in becoming an inclusive community for all.

"Everyone should be able to be themselves within our university"

Annelien Bredenoord

Rector Magnificus

Annelien Bredenoord: "In my role as Rector Magnificus, I put strong value on creating a sense of belonging among all our students and employees of the EUR community. My strive is that all of us can fully be ourselves and be accepted and appreciated for who we are. By joining Workplace Pride we give a sign to our EUR LGBTIQ+ community that they matter and are valued members of our EUR community. Symbols, role models and representation matter in creating an inclusive organization."

Students and staff at Pride March Rotterdam 2022

Pride March Rotterdam 2022

Pride March Rotterdam 2022

Katarina Putnik
Helen Tibboel
Nicolette van Halem
Helen Tibboel

Pablo feels at home at RSM

Pablo Perez has worked as a career advisor at RSM since February. This year is his first time attending the Pride Week in Rotterdam. On Saturday he joined the Pride March: "During this peaceful march we send out a signal to the people of Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the world: everyone should be able to be themselves."

Do you think it's important that the university is a place for everyone?

"It is positive that an organisation is there for all employees. Everyone should feel good at work. I think it is especially important that such a message comes from the top. And now it comes from the Executive Board: everyone is welcome at our university. If employees feel happy and safe, you create a feeling of belonging. People perform better that way.

It is not just about LGBTIQ+. It's about taking into account colleagues with disabilities or colleagues with children. It's about supporting everyone within the university. Whoever or whatever you are."

What exactly do you do at the university?

"I work at the 'RSM Career Centre' as a career advisor. I help students of the full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA). As a career advisor, I give advice on how to find a job in the Netherlands. After the study year, many students stay in the Netherlands to work here. It is very different to apply for a job in Mexico, for example, than in the Netherlands. We teach the students what to look out for and how to build a career here."

How do you like your first six months at university?

"I am enjoying myself very much. We have a diverse team with people of different nationalities. There are different ideas and styles. That is why I like it so much. We spar with each other, and you learn from it. The interaction is important to me. It is a positive environment, and you feel welcome. Everyone's ideas are listened to.”

The university has a department of Diversity & Inclusion. How do you look at it?

"It is very important to look at diversity and inclusion. That's what I like about my team: we are all allies. We support each other even though we are very different."

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