Erasmus University in ‘Universiteitsstrijd’ quiz show

Patrick Aarnoudse, Kevin Bruggeman and Ymro Hoogendoorn are going to represent Erasmus University Rotterdam  in a new televised quiz show for university students: ‘Universiteitsstrijd’ (‘University Battle’). On Friday 24 June, the Erasmus team successfully made it through the qualifiers, meaning that they can now enter the fray with student teams from seven other Dutch universities. The quiz, which will be broadcast by NTR, can be watched every weekday from 5 September on NPO2 (15 programmes in all).

Team Erasmus consists of three core players and two subsitute members. They represent to expertise on alpha, beta and gamma sciences:

  • Patrick Aarnoudse (FSW, Public Administration) 
  • Kevin Bruggeman (IBEB + ESL) 
  • Ymro Hoogendoorn (ESE, Econometrics)


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