Eric Bartelsman new director Tinbergen Institute

Eric Bartelsman, professor of economics and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the VU University, has been appointed as the new General Director of Tinbergen Institute. Bartelsman succeeds Professor Bauke Visser of Erasmus School of Economics who held the position for five years.

Tinbergen Institute is the joint institute for economic, econometric and financial research of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), VU University Amsterdam (VU) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). It is the major training institute for PhD students in the Netherlands in the field of economics, econometrics and finance. The institute, which belongs to the top tier of Graduate Schools in the world in these fields, was founded in 1987 and is named after the Dutch economist and Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen.

Andreas Pick and Dennis Fok new members of the Board of Directors
The Supervisory Board of Tinbergen Institute and the Deans of the schools of economics of EUR, UvA and VU also present two new members to the Board of Directors of Tinbergen Institute. Andreas Pick, associate professor at Erasmus School of Economics, has been appointed Director of Graduate Studies and Dennis Fok, professor of applied econometrics at Erasmus School of Economics, has been appointed as member of the Board of Directors with the assignment to explore potential additions to the educational program of Tinbergen Institute, in the broad area of management sciences.

The Supervisory Board and the Deans are very pleased with this new team at the helm of Tinbergen Institute and are convinced that together the new directors will further enhance the performance and reputation of the graduate school and research institute. Eric Bartelsman is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of productivity research and is experienced in both academic and policy realms. Andreas Pick and Dennis Fok are both rising stars in the areas of forecasting and quantitative marketing respectively. They both bring considerable international experience into TI.

Furthermore, Tinbergen Institute is greatly indebted to Bauke Visser and Massimo Giuliodori who respectively step down as General Director and Director of Graduate Studies. Both contributed extensively to Tinbergen Institute in the past years. Bauke Visser enhanced the research part by introducing a new Fellowship Charter with criteria for research fellows which are based on the journal Article Influence Score and by realigning the research groups. Massimo Giuliodori greatly improved the selection procedure for the MPhil program which led to a jump in the ‘rate of return’ on offers made and to an increase in the expected quality of admitted students. Massimo Giuliodori and Bauke Visser conclude their directorship with a very positive Research review Economics & Business 2008-2014, Qanu 2016, that rates Tinbergen Institute as ‘world class’ and ‘adhering to excellent international standards’. 

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