ERMeCC Research Day on December 11

On Friday, 11 December 2015, the ERMeCC Research Day will take place. ERMeCC members and PhD candidates will spend an afternoon together to talk about ERMeCC, its research themes and its function to discuss issues, exchange ideas, inspire and forge collaborative research projects.

ERMeCC members have been asked to reflect on the research themes that are currently presented as ERMeCC's main areas. How could they be reformulated, altered and/or replaced if necessary? During break-out sessions, colleagues can work in teams to exchange ideas and build on cooperations. The program also includes a time slot dedicated to the PhD research that is carried out within ERMeCC.

Afternoon outline

The program for the Research Day 2015 is as follows:

12.00 Kick-off with lunch

12.30 Introduction

12.45 Breaking up in groups to discuss themes (Q1)

13.45 Plenary feedback round

14.00 Break

14.30 Breaking up in groups to discuss Q2

15.30 Feedback round and conclusions

16.00 Break

16.15 PhD research at ERMeCC

17.00 Drinks