ESE Top staff rewarded at ceremony

During a special Awards ceremony which was held on the 5th of April 2013, the management team of Erasmus School of Economics expressed its appreciation towards her academic staff by rewarding the Top Lecturers, the Top Talent Researchers and the Top Senior Researchers. Besides that, the Visibility Award was presented for a fourth time in a row and the Support Award was awarded by high exception. The Rector Magnificus Henk Schmidt and the Dean of Erasmus School of Economics Philip Hans Franses presented the awards.

Top Senior Researcher
The Rector Magnificus announced the following researchers as Top Senior Researchers,a because of their high continuous quality research performance and appearence in the 'ESB Economen Top 40': Michael McAleer, Philip Hans Franses, Peter Wakker, Han Bleichrodt, John Geweke, Eddy van Doorslaer, Otto Swank, Peter Goos and Stefan Stremersch.

Top Talent Researcher 
In the category Top Senior Researcher, the awards and grants were handed out to the following researchers: Aurelien Baillon, Martijn de Jong, Philip Koellinger, Vardit Landsman-Schwartz, Kirsten Rohde, Andreas Pick, Wing Wah Tham and Patrick Verwijmeren.  They received this Award due to excellent research which resulted in a high number of AA/A or P* published papers in the last three years.

Top Lecturer 
Thereafter, the Dean Philip Hans Franses awarded another three persons with the prestigious To Lecturer Award. The winners were Jurjen Kamphorst, Hans van Kippersluis, Julian Emami Namini and Han Smit for their excellent teaching skills.

Visibility Award
This year the Visibility Award was awarded by Philip Hans Franses to two winners: Willem Verbeke and Liesbeth Noordegraaf. Every year, the Visibility Award is rewarded to Erasmus School of Economics employees whose professional activities in the past year most strongly, most enthusiastically and/or most vigorously contributed to the enhanced visibility and reputation of the Erasmus School of Economics.

Support Award 
This year, the first Support Award was handed out. Saskia Krijger (who received 'de Desiderius' in October 2012 from the Executive Board of the Erasmus) was rewarded for her extraordinary effort in the past six years by receiving the Support Award from the Erasmus School of Economics.

A short impression of the award ceremony is given below.  

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