ESL hosts Workshop on Expert-Based Decision-Making


On 30 November and 1 December, Erasmus School of Law hosted the workshop ‘Unpacking the “Accountability Paradox’ in Expert-Based Decision-Making’. The Workshop, organized by ESL researchers dr. Alessandra Arcuri and dr. Florin Coman-Kund, featured the participation of several leading international and European scholars and practitioners.

The Workshop dissected some of the urgent and intricate conceptual, legal, and practical problems in establishing the accountability of expert decision-making bodies. The workshop panels discussed several topics, like Economic and Financial Governance, Environment, Health and Safety Governance and Internet, Digitization and Data Protection.

Several insightful presentations and talks by the participants informed the discussion and spurred lively debates from differing perspectives, which contributed to the robust discourse surrounding the rethinking of the rule of law. The results of the workshop generate a more systematic understanding of similarities and differences of institutional mechanisms by which experts can be and are called to account.

The workshop was a joint activity of the Rethinking the Rule of Law in an Era of Globalisation, Privatisation, and Multiculturalisation, and the Research Project Rethinking Global Technocracy: An inquiry into the Accountability of Global Regulatory Scientific Institutions (GRSIs).

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