Excellent start for EUR graduate in labour market

Recent Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) graduates enjoy an excellent start in the labour market. They quickly find a job that often matches their qualifications, and they are employed in job roles related to their field of study. EUR alumni are also very satisfied with the study programme they have completed, with 1 out of 2 saying they would like to maintain ties with their alma mater. These were the findings from the latest National Alumni Survey, a nationwide survey of all recently graduated master's students at Dutch universities.

The survey revealed that recent graduates of Erasmus University enjoy a good start in the labour market:

  • no less than 96% find a paying job for more than 12 hours a week within 18 months of graduation. On average, graduates commence with their first job within just two months (2.2 versus the national average of 2.7). Almost half (49%) even found a job immediately after graduation, compared to 41% nationally;
  • 70% of graduates with a paying job ended up in a job role related to their field of study within their degree programme;
  • 56% of graduates with a paying job find a job role that is both within their field of study and compatible with their academic degree;
  • EUR alumni earn more compared to university graduates in the rest of the country.



In the survey, recent Erasmus University graduates were also asked for their opinion regarding the degree programme they had just completed. The majority of graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with their degree programme. 87% are satisfied or very satisfied with their master's programme in general.

61% of graduates felt that to a large extent, their programme provided a good foundation for starting in the labour market (compared to 52% nationwide): Moreover, no less than 81% of EUR alumni said they would definitely recommend the degree programme to others.


The survey also contained questions about the competencies acquired by graduates while at university. EUR alumni have the highest scores when it comes to ‘the ability to independently acquire new knowledge’ and ‘the ability to comprehend complex subject matter’.

Finally, around half of all alumni wish to remain involved with the university to a greater or lesser (?) extent. This involvement ranges from following their alma mater in the media to making donations.

About the National Alumni Survey

The National Alumni Survey (formerly the University Education Monitor) is a nationwide survey carried out among recent master’s and doctoral graduates at publicly funded universities in the Netherlands. Erasmus University Rotterdam participates in the National Alumni Survey annually.

Graduates are asked about their current labour market position and their opinion of their degree programme in retrospect. The results are used for the labour market forecasts of the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) and for providing information to prospective students (studiekeuze123.nl). The National Alumni Survey is organised by the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands). Thirteen universities participated in this survey and in the end, after data cleansing, there were 1009 EUR respondents who completed the survey in full.

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