Executive Board supports WOinActie

The Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam supports the demonstration of WOinActie on 14 December in The Hague.

As stated earlier, the bottlenecks are large and urgent. Universities are faced with new cutbacks ('efficiency discount', 'lump sum discount') and decreasing funding per student. This affects the quality of education and creates high work pressure among employees. More money is needed to maintain the current high quality of education.

The Executive Board, therefore, supports the appeal of WOinactie and gives employees and students the opportunity to attend the demonstration.

Message WOinActie 

A message of WOinActie at Erasmus University: 'Since the Minister of Education has not honored the demands of WOinActie to abolish the cut-backs on university education and research, we will organize a demonstration on December 14th at 13:00. The demonstration will start at the Koekamp in The Hague. This action is supported by an increasing number of university boards.

Join this action, wear a read square, come to The Hague and support the interests of higher education and research! Keep an eye on the blog of WOinactie and our Facebook for announcements and more information!'

Message EUROPA

'The union representatives in the EUROPA strongly support the goals of WOinActie. We agree that universities and their personnel face increasing challenges to make ends meet in education and research. The decreasing funding per student has to stop NOW. In fact, it has to be reversed in order for all of us to do a good job in a healthy way. Therefore we strongly urge our colleagues to join us on Friday December 14.'

Questions? Please contact Alessandra Arcuri (Erasmus School of Law), arcuri@law.eur.nl or Roel Pieterman (EUROPA), europa@eur.nl.