While the summer holiday is coming closer and closer, there are still some exams, maybe some resits and of course some FAECTOR activities left. Time for FAECTOR’s newsletter of June!

After weeks of guessing who would get chosen, the new f.t. board of FAECTOR made their first appearance on the 18th of May. The candidates for the 52nd board of FAECTOR are:

President – Thomas Michelotti

Secretary – Maurits de Bruijn

Treasurer – Tobias Hoogteijling

Career Officer – Anke Clerx

Commercial Officer – Romain Heuts

Educational Officer – Jitte Dingenouts

Marketing Officer – Sian Tee

After the announcement drink, the party continued at the Interfaculty Party in Nora. On the 25th of May a group of 30 Active Members enjoyed our very first Hitchhiking Competition. In duo’s they travelled all the way to Lille. After a great dinner it was time for some drinks and on the 26th of May they travelled back to Rotterdam.

On the 23rd of May FAECTOR’s yearly Soccer Tournament took place. The professors did make it to the finals, but unfortunately they could not manage to win the cup. However, after a cosy barbecue and great weather it became an unforgettable day. Furthermore, on the 29th our Beer Pong Tournament took place; unforgettable too, but in another way.

On Saturday the 27th of May, RECNET organised a Boat Drink in Amsterdam for FAECTOR’s alumni. With a temperature of over 26 degrees Celsius, cold beers and a lot of alumni; things could not go wrong.

In the coming weeks, more fun events are planned. On the 2nd of June, RECNET is organising a barbecue for all master students and recent graduates. During this barbecue, everyone can learn more about our alumni association RECNET. For more information about RECNET and their events, have a look at the website and Facebook page.

Furthermore, the 4th of June is the deadline to sign up for the Quantitative Finance Tour. During this tour, 24 excellent students will have the opportunity to visit two Dutch banks and six banks in the city centre of London. The purpose of this tour is obtaining a summer internship or full-time position at one of the biggest investment banks in London. Apply now by submitting your CV at http://qft.nl/apply-now!

Of course the study year will not end before we have celebrated it with a big party without an entrance fee and with cheap drinks! Highlight the 22nd of June in your agenda for celebrating the end of the regular exams and maybe already the beginning of your summer holiday. Information about this event will be posted on both our Facebook and website.

Last but not least, we wish you all the best for the last exam preparations of this study year and already a lot of fun and relaxation during your holiday!

For more information about FAECTOR go to our site www.faector.nl or Facebook page. If your time as a student is coming to an end and you are looking for a new challenge or if you would like to develop your skills in a more practical way, go to our vacancies website www.econometrie.com. If you have any questions or remarks, please send an e-mail to info@faector.nl.

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