Feeling blue this Monday? Hug someone!

Holiday season is over, New Year's resolutions are starting to show cracks and it’s cold outside. What? Do not get sucked into this nonsense! Blue Monday only exists in your head. Dr. Martijn Burger (EUR) has a tip to become happy very quickly.

A little bit of happiness arises from small gestures, like hugging! It makes you happier by increased oxytocin levels. And happy people live longer, so there you go.

Our very own Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation (EHERO) has done lots of research on happiness and developed a 'Happiness Guide'. You can use this tool to monitor your own happiness and improve it.

The website provides insight into your own happiness. It compares yours with that of people like you. This gives an indication about if there is more happiness in store for you. Additionally, you can keep a diary of luck and you come to a better understanding of where you are as a person feel good and what is a proper way of life.

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