First Day of the EUCjr Programme

On Friday the 3rd of February, the EUCjr programme kicked-off at EUC. EUCjr is a new programme for students from 5vwo/gymnasium who are interested in trying out university for the first time. The students will follow classes in all the different departments EUC has to offer and participate in a great variety of workshops focusing on how to discover self-identity and personal values. The first day involved activities ranging from a presentation by the dean, some Problem Based Learning (PBL), and a video message from the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Aboutaleb.

EUCjr consists of 8 full days geared towards helping participants to discover who they are and what they want. Workshops are also designed to impart practical skills which will help participants to make the most of future opportunities in both the work and study sphere. Through learning how to present, debate and write in an Academic style, participants will feel more confident in their future endeavours both inside and outside the classroom.

The first day kicked off with an introduction of the programme itself and several introduction exercises. Afterwards, the students were faced with their first academic activity: an introduction to PBL. In groups of approximately 10, accompanied by a tutor and two current students, they had to discuss the effect of alcohol on the adolescent brain, a Social & Behavioural Sciences problem. After reading a short text about a girl called Madison who struggles with alcohol consumption, the students  were challenged to actively participate in small groups of 10.

A complimentary lecture on the effect of alcohol on the brain was delivered to the EUCjr participants. The programme was wrapped up with general information explaining what a university is and some words of wisdom and inspiration from the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Aboutaleb. You can watch the video:

We are looking forward to seeing the impact this programme will have on the students and hope it will make it easier for them to take that daunting step from high school to university as pioneers in their families.

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