The first English issue of the Journal of Belgian History is published

The fourth issue of the renewed Journal of Belgian History / JBH (2012) is currently available. This issue is the first English issue, and it contains five articles and several sections.

This first English issue of the JBH is a milestone in Belgian modern and Contemporary History. The issue contains five articles: by Frank Gerits on the US' Cold War Public Diplomacy in Belgium, by Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx and Frederik Van der Gucht on the geographical differences between high diploma holders, by Petra Vervust on the use of class, race and ethnicity in colonial Rwanda, by Frederik T. Verleysen and Tim C.E. Engels on the bibliometrics of historical publications in Flemish universities and to conclude an article by Nel de Mûelenaere on the impact of militarization in Belgium (1870-1914).

The issue also contains several sections: a list of literature reviews, an overview of PhD research and a debate section on the commemoration policies in Belgium on World War I and on recent discussions on Holocaust historiography in Belgium. The issue also contains the section 'Current Issues in Belgian History', where Bruno De Wever and Chantal Kesteloot give an analytical overview of recent scholarly literature with regard to nationalism in Belgium and the disintegration of the Belgian state.

You can find all practical and other information on: All section articles are freely downloadable on this site.

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