The five pitfalls of using ChatGPT for your research assignment

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The question you need to ask yourself is, What could go wrong if I use ChatGPT for a research assignment?

ChatGPT has been marketed as a replacement for just about anything that involves writing. Whether that’s news articles or university essays, ChatGPT can supposedly do it all, and maybe even better than you. However, if we look past the hype and headlines, we need to get down to what ChatGPT can and can’t do, and moreover, what kind of trouble you might get into when using it.

Click on the PDF below to read about “The Five Pitfalls of Using ChatGPT for Your Research Assignment” and learn where ChatGPT falls short, where it is going to fail you, and why it isn’t a replacement for old fashioned research just yet.

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Contact Jesse Millek, Information Specialist University Library, for more information.

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