The fluffiest place in town

Are you a cat lover but living in a student flat where you’re not allowed to have pets? No problem; from now on you can do your caressing and caring in Rotterdam’s one and only cat café.






A (P)awesome Place
Cosy corners, board games, and of course…cats. Finally Rotterdam has its own cat café. In Pebbles Kitty Cat Café, eight sweethearts and a homey feel await you. The animals are all adopted from regional shelters, since the owner of Pebbles believes adopting a cat is better than going to a breeder. To enjoy the fluffy company at Pebbles, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee of €3.50. But for that small amount of money you can stay as long as you want. Moreover, your cash supports the cats.

Big in Japan
Cat cafés are not new. Amsterdam already has Kattencafé Kopjes, and in Japan they are a well-known phenomenon. Japanese tourists who visited the Cat Flower Garden café in Taiwan (the first cat café ever, established in the late nineties) took the idea home and opened one in 2004. Another 150 cat lovers followed their example in the years after. Nowadays in Tokyo alone there are 39 places where you can enjoy a coffee and a cake while being surrounded by cats.

For Good Luck
Why did cat cafés become so popular in Japan? Because in Japanese culture a cat is a symbol of good fortune. Therefore the Japanese are crazy about them. Hello Kitty is one of the country’s most important export products, there is a national cat day (22 February), and in some spa salons cats give massages. Another explanation for the popularity of the cat cafés is that often people are not allowed to own pets in flats.

Pebbles Kitty Café, Hoogstraat 30a, is open from Wednesday till Saturday 12pm–6pm and Sunday 12pm–5pm

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